Accessing the Product: The link to Google Slides is on the 3rd or final page of the PDF download. 

This link will take you to the force copy link, which looks like this: 

*It is important to note that you are NOT saving the PDF download to your Google Drive. The PDF is simply the directions and contains the link to the Google Slides product. You want to click on that link as pictured above to get started. 

*As of September 2021, Google has updated its security features. Some school districts now block Google Drive Copy link. Upon clicking the link, if you get a "file does not exist" message, this means that your district is likely blocking it. Talk to your IT person or the simplest fix is to try from home on a personal computer. 

Making a copy: 

For digital resources, you will need to make a copy. I cannot grant access to my original- that needs to stay preserved as the master copy. The link I provide is a force copy link, so instead of asking for permission, all you need to do is click on "make a copy" (as seen above) and you'll have your own copy to edit. If you somehow moved past the force copy link, simply go to "File" -> "Make a Copy" (see below). 

Account settings

If you have multiple Google accounts: Google links automatically open in your default Google account. So you may have made a copy under one of your accounts and you are trying to use that copy under another.

What you might need to do is fully sign out of the one you don’t want to use. Go to any Google page and click your avatar on the top right and click sign out. Don’t use the option to add an account or switch accounts. You have to fully sign out. Then sign-in to the account you do want to use. 

If you made your initial copy of the digital resource under the account you do not want to use with your students, you'll need to make a new copy under the account you do want to host it under. In that case, follow the steps above, then go back to the original product PDF with the link in your purchases and make a new copy under that account . All links will automatically open into that Google Drive.